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We are now offering a mailing service. Send your knives, scissors and secateurs to Get Sharp, 23 Loco Street, Seymour South, Vic. 3660 Please wrap the blades carefully in heavy duty wrapping so that there is no chance of them protruding thru packaging. **BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL CONTACT AND A SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE FOR YOUR RETURN PACKAGE.

We are happy to cover the return postage for orders over $100. Please check with your Post Office (or courier) with regard to insurance.

Tel: 0433 324 607
or mail to:

23 Loco Street
Seymour South
Vic 3660
Contact Us                                              *Order your Accusharp here

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  Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back   

Groups may also enjoy to take advantage of our BULK RATES by getting friends together...mailing in bulk is an excellent option with additional discounts for you.
Meet John  

John Stares began his sharpening career when he took up competitive wood chopping as a young man. 45 years on and he is still honing blades. John provides old fashioned friendly service and uses the very best of German water cooled equipment to minimise blade heating and extend the life of your knives.  For scissors John uses a “Twice as Sharp” machine which produces exactly that result. 

John's respect for your equipment and his commitment to meeting your need for precision sharpening are a given. 

Get Sharp offers you a money back guarantee if you are not absolutely satisfied with the result.

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