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Residential & Commercial Services

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Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes & Caterers 

Our customer base includes excellent restaurants & cafés around Melbourne. We also service catering companies that meet the demands of organisations and large scale events.


John knows how important your treasured hairdressing scissors are to you and your business. You can trust John to take the time to sharpen them perfectly and return them promptly.

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Gardening & Landscaping

Allow us to sharpen your tools including your chainsaw. Bring back the joy of digging, pruning and working with wood. John has had 45 years practise in honing axes so if your axe needs sharpening he’s your man!

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Do you use your kitchen as a space to create good wholesome meals for your family and friends? Beautifully sharp knives, performing at their best are a joy to use.

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Dressmaking & Crafts

Whether you are a craftsperson, fashion professional or create clothes at home for your family, let your tools support you. We can sharpen your scissors for the perfect cut.

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Community Groups

We are committed members of the Seymour community. We are keen to find ways to support local fund raising. Your group might like to pool items that need sharpening and get a discount which we'll donate to the group funds.  Everybody benefits.

Have your knives professionally sharpened onsite (by arrangement) with the latest equipment and the least disruption to your busy schedule.  

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