John Stares

Seymour, Vic 3660

Meet John  


John Stares began his sharpening career when he took up competitive wood chopping as a young man. 45 years on and he is still honing blades!


He provides old fashioned friendly service and uses the very best of German water cooled equipment (F Dick 111) to minimise blade heating and extend the life of your knives.  For scissors John uses a “Twice as Sharp” machine which produces exactly that result. 

John's respect for your equipment and his commitment to meeting your need for precision sharpening are a given. 

Get Sharp offers you a money back guarantee if you are not absolutely satisfied with the result.

Bookings 8am – 5pm
Monday - Seymour and Regional
Tues, Wed & Thurs - Melbourne & surrounds
Friday - By appointment only

0433 324 607



John in 1991
World Title 375m Underhand Handicap 

Knives, Scissors

1 - 5 $12.00 per item

6 - 15 $10.00 per item

16 - 30 $9.00 per item

30 or more - $8.00 per item

Hairdresser Scissors $45.00 per item

Gardening tools -

Hedge Shears, Axes, Spades, Shovels $15-25.00 per item

Edge Trimmers $10-15.00 per item

Secateurs $10.00 per item    

Minimum Fee $60.00

For all other blades and out of area enquires please call 
0433 324 607 for a quote.

John Stares

Seymour, Vic 3660





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